Getting cut off – video clips from a frustrated cyclist

It sucks getting cut off by drivers.  While most drivers check their side-view mirrors and blind spots, too many of them out there don’t.  I rarely go for a bike ride without getting cut off by a turning driver.  Oddly enough, I find that the high-risk place to get cut off are on bike paths.  This is partly because the paths are poorly designed (left turning vehicles should have a dedicated window in the light cycle to make their turns), and partly because the odd driver is completely oblivious to what’s happening around him/her.

This is a short montage of me getting cut off by drivers while riding in Montreal over the past few weeks.  I didn’t get harmed in any of these clips, however, it was only because I slowed down tremendously that I didn’t get hit.  It makes riding extremely nerve-racking to have to deal with poor drivers.

2 thoughts on “Getting cut off – video clips from a frustrated cyclist

  1. That’s way I avoid the maisonneuve bike path like the plague! If you’re riding eastbound, the lights are optimized for the westbound traffic and you end up stopping at every second light. If you’re riding westbound, you’re cut off at least once/km. I’d much rather ride with car traffic and act like a car..

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