Cyclist Killed on Saint-Denis – safer links are badly needed on Montreal’s cycling network

A young woman was killed this morning traveling southbound on Saint-Denis near the Rosemont Metro station. This tragedy highlights a complete lack of safe links for cyclists along important commuting corridors in Montreal.  The only way for cyclists to cross many of Montreal’s raised roads, highways, canals and train corridors is through underpasses that lack visibility and where motorists travel at high speeds.

Saint Denis Underpass

Unfortunately, the Gazette article makes no mention of the fact that this underpass, and many like it, is a public safety and public health hazard.  The underpass is used by cyclists, not because it is a good option, but because it is the only option to cross the rail corridor in the area.

One thought on “Cyclist Killed on Saint-Denis – safer links are badly needed on Montreal’s cycling network

  1. This underpass is famous for being dangerous for cyclists. Seems you are suppposed to walk your bike through the underpass on the sidewalk — not an option many cyclist, including myself, would consider. Bikes are made to be ridden not walked! So where is signage asking motorists to slow down and watch for cyclists? How about better lighting in the tunnel? How about turning the sidewalk on one side into a bike path? Unfortunately, until there is proper infrastructure for bikes there will be more deaths. It will be interesting to see what the coroner says.

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